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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Country girl. Love to shoot and fish. Backwoods babe. Surfer. Beach Bum. Established in 1992. Sister of ∆∆∆ at Stockton College. <3 R.I.P AJF 7.06.07
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Got Shea&#8217;s delivered to work - today is better thank Christmas!!!

Happy birthday Brittani
I don’t know what I would have done without you these last 2 years 💕 I can’t go more than a few days without talking too you about every minor detail of my life and I certainly wouldn’t have made it through college without you. Thank you for absolutely becoming one of my best friends. I love you britt
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@cy_no positive energy coming your way. I expect to see you smiling soon enough saying &#8220;I kicked cancers ass!&#8221;  We all love you and are here for you. @de_che sweetheart you stay strong and positive. You know where to find me if you ever need anything. You and Cyno will both pull this off together. I love you both
If he didn&#8217;t expect me to screen shot this&#8230; Well then he doesn&#8217;t know his girlfriend very well 😂😂 @nicklafata6


a hoodie and underwear is all you really need to wear tbh

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My mommy is the absolute best! She came to visit and brought me a surprise!
#tbt to when I was a little diva with my daddy 💕
The great coworkers bring you coffee - the best coworkers know exactly how you take it!