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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Country girl. Love to shoot and fish. Backwoods babe. Surfer. Beach Bum. Established in 1992. Sister of ∆∆∆ at Stockton College. <3 R.I.P AJF 7.06.07
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They all say that time flies by, but this last year without you has drug on. As much as I wish I could turn back the last year to tell you one last time how much you meant to me and how much I love you, I&#8217;m very much at peace that you are no longer suffering. Just because I didn&#8217;t get to see you as often as I liked, I still miss you everyday. Please send Mom Mom my love, and please continue watching over me - my Angel in the outfield
Reunited and it feels sooooo good ❤️ perfect night at#pjwhelihans with my better half @sdemi813
These girls have gotten me through everything in college - and now they&#8217;re all leaving me in 2 weeks. So they think&#8230; I changed all their grades to F&#8217;s you&#8217;re stuck with me bitches @liztomeski @jules_411 @kayysutt
Beautiful sunset this evening 🌄
#selfie driving back to Marlton
Happy 22nd birthday to my perfect Silver @sammywammy114 ❤️ I love you to pieces and I&#8217;m pretty sure I couldn&#8217;t have made it through this year without you - we certainly went through hell and back ❤️ love you
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Even though I&#8217;m not graduating from Stockton just yet - myife as an active TriDelta has come to an end. I couldn&#8217;t have made it through college without the help of these girls. I made some of my best friends here in TriDelta, met my future bridesmaids and become a stronger person in many different ways. ❤️ I&#8217;m so happy to have had this experience and I love you all ⭐️🌙🌲🐬 #TriDelta #ΔΔΔ #DeltaDeltaDelta #GammaOmegaChapter #ΓΩchapter #StocktonCollege #sisterhood #repost stollen from @denisehoj #perfection

rawandripe                  Country Boyz (39) (by Skivies) click here and press space bar for more rawandripe

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Jacked up trucks here!