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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Country girl. Love to shoot and fish. Backwoods babe. Surfer. Beach Bum. Established in 1992. Sister of ∆∆∆ at Stockton College. <3 R.I.P AJF 7.06.07
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You never realize how important someone will be in your life when you meet them.  To you, at that moment, they&#8217;re just another person. I never thought in a million years we would be where we are now and I honestly couldn&#8217;t be any happier. Thank you for giving me the best 6 months ever. I can&#8217;t wait to continue our adventures together. I love you @nicklafata6 💕
Happy 54th birthday Daddy ❤️ I&#8217;m so glad I got to come home and have a nice family dinner with you and mom. I love you to pieces and don&#8217;t know where I would be without you. Have a great birthday old man!
Actually did my makeup today&#8230; This never happens 💋
#tbt with my red headed bombshell @melitherss 💕 school isn&#8217;t the same without you
Because I didn&#8217;t post this all summer&#8230;. His balls are tangled 💕 I love my #mcm @nicklafata6 😝😋
Absolutely beautiful sunset from the deck of my apt #sunset #Brigantine #nofilter
Because I love her to pieces @summermeer 💕
Congratulations to my little cousin @mykal_williams who graduated today with his associates degree!
#septemberchallenge #day11 #favoritemovie #latergram
#tbt with my more than perfect sorority FAMSQUAD 💕 I never realized how hard being an alumni would be, especially while I&#8217;m still in school. I wish you girls the best of luck with Fall Recruitment 2014. I love you all #ΔΔΔ #TriDelta #DeltaDeltaDelta #FAMSQUAD
&#8230;this just happened in the twitter world 😂😂 #fml 💩🐦
Never forget 9/11&#160;
God bless America 🇺🇸
Absolutely in love with my new glasses! 👓
&#8230;guys I went food shopping at Olive Garden 😍 had a perfect night with @summermeer and thank you @kristinatagzxo for supplying my refrigerator 😘 love you girls
#septemberchallenge #day10 #shoes