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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Country girl. Love to shoot and fish. Backwoods babe. Surfer. Beach Bum. Established in 1992. Sister of ∆∆∆ at Stockton College. <3 R.I.P AJF 7.06.07
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We&#8217;ll it&#8217;s really blurry, but Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Mom and Dad 💕 thank you for very thing you have both sacrificed for me and thank you for loving me. I love you both to the moon and back
#aaronlewis at the #goldennugget last night #redwhiteandblue 🇺🇸 #donttreadonme
Don&#8217;t know where I would be without this girl @summermeer 💕

#aaronlewis #finale pledge if allegiance 🇺🇸

The best way to end this summer&#8230;is with an endless summer 💕 #aaronlewis #goldennugget @jcarey240
Not a country concert without jack n coke #aaronlewis @jcarey240
#aaronlewis with my #little 😘 @jcarey240
Yesterday&#8217;s #Cabelas purchases
20 blue claws :) @nicklafata6
I hiked 8.0 miles and climbed over 1,000 ft on a mountain yesterday. What did you accomplish? #hiking #ThePinnacle #countrygirl #roughcountry
Happy 20th birthday who is my cousin by blood, my brother in heart and best friend by choice. Having you live across the country has been the hardest thing to adapt to and it is now the first official year that I have not been able to celebrate with you. You know&#8230; It&#8217;s always exciting when you go from 9 to 10 and finally hit those double digits, when you turn 13 and are finally a teen, 16 because you think you&#8217;re an adult, 18 because well you&#8217;re kind of legally an adult&#8230; And here you are the big 2-0 and have beat teenage pregnancy!!! Congrats I am so proud! Love you more than you know cuz ❤️ @mykal_williams
Made it over 1,000ft and hiked up to #ThePinnacle in PA with my love @nicklafata6
Me and @nicklafata6 making a pit stop at #ThePulpit on our way up to #ThePinnacle 💕
@g_lafata &#8230; This may top the kayak in the pool. Everyone, meet my man and his boat @nicklafata6
My new baby