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Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Country girl. Love to shoot and fish. Backwoods babe. Surfer. Beach Bum. Established in 1992. Sister of ∆∆∆ at Stockton College. <3 R.I.P AJF 7.06.07
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Each day I hear about the insane amount of work you do, I watch you plug away at the books and strive toward a better future. I can not express how proud I am of you for working so hard.  I don&#8217;t think you realize how much you brighten my days, I love you 💕
Obsessed with my new #ΔΔΔ shirt! Happy monday everyone!
"Dignity &amp; tranquility last forever"

Pomegranate green tea to get me through my homework #favorite #yogi #inspirational
Thank you to my amazing best friend, roomie, and pledge sissy @kayysutt For surprising me today with something I would have never expected straight out of Dallas, Texas itself. This means more to me than you think it does - hence the excessive tears this morning 💕 I love you to pieces
Had a great time today at my first #ΔΔΔ alumnae event as an alum and got to reconnect with @lindsayf129 ❤️
#tbt to a few crazy adventures I&#8217;ve been on with this lady 💕 @brittanibitchhhh I don&#8217;t know where I would be with out you, you keep me sane even when my sanity is questionable&#8230; You push me through everything and always have my back. When I&#8217;m being irrational you still let me rant until I&#8217;m blue in the face. You&#8217;re my rock booboo - thank you
This gem is my #wcw 😂😂😂
Anyone whose ever driven with me knows this holds true 😍
Redneck pumpkins
Pumpkin picking, getting lost in a corn maze and carving our pumpkins @nicklafata6 #dateday #pumpkinpicking #browning #bonecollector
🎃 pumpkin picking with my hunny @nicklafata6 🎃
👻 happy Halloween 👻
How me and my boyfriend spend our rainy days 😍 #pillowforts #rainyday #bestboyfriend @nicklafata6
This isn&#8217;t real life&#8230;.
#tbt to last year at the shooting range #girlsshoottoo #countrygirl #jerseycountry
Happy opening day!!! #flyer #philadelphiaflyers #openingday